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Last PitBulls Droped ...

PitBull Family


-The reason why we have chosen Pitbull Dogs is that they have the highest loyalty,

-so, the goal is to have a community of loyal People!!

-this ain’t a collectible, it’s a collection of Pitbull Dogs.

-we’re gonna have 52 Pitbulls at this collection:

Rare: 45    Epic: 5   Legendary: 2

-for the second 35 dog chapter 2 is going to be started!

-Female Dogs will be increased step by step and gradually in every drop.

-there will be 10 Lady dog .

-then every single of the Owners even if they’re not an artist, are able to have a Puppy as a GIFT that 

derives from their male and female DOG (Looks like the parent), on the condition that they have bought a male and a female DOG!

– lots of other ideas like website and or utilities will be added in the future!

-virtual exhibition 

-Airdrop Puppies and Art
-Start Project 1/1 MR pitbull to continue 



Junior 3D Artist

Mir Moein 🇹🇷

3D Artist

Amir Sarhangian 🇹🇷

Web Developer


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